Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The princess was on a mission to find the person who would be worthy for the earring's e kept walking near the Torre de Belém, searching for the right one.

But, still, remained a big question: how would she now who's that person?

After a lot of thought and looking everywhere, and to the earring's, she decided to offer them to the first person with style and beauty but also someone willing to tell all of they're fashion secrets.

And she found that first person.

After many tries, for that one person to take the earring's, she only get a no for answer, after a laugh: "The earring's are very cute, but i'm not going to use them".
E here it is, the first person, who gave a reward to the princess for her kindness, but did not accept the offer: the full acess to all of the secrets.

About the secrets
     Button down shirt: Zara
    Watch: Kalenji (Decathlon)
Trousers: Springfield
Sneakers: Zara

The princess said: "take you" and walked away.

But who is this princess?

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