Saturday, August 18, 2012

New era

Lisbon is a wonderful city that can make us excited and can surprise us in the smallest things.

Looking at Rio Tejo and admire, in the various city viewpoints, the sailboats that sail away, even the Cacilheiros.

Walking in the traditional Portuguese paving with a comfortable shoes. 

Smiling at the tourists.

Watch the children run after the pigeons like there's no tomorrow.

Walking in the Avenida da Liberdade (Lisbon's main avenue).

Go to the Castelo de São Jorge (Saint George's Castle).

These are one of the many things that I like to do in the city, but of course there's a lot more.

The people are also wonderful and sometimes they can surprise us too, just like the city itself.

I was walking in the Chiado (a noble shopping area with all sorts of shops and entertainment) when I saw a TV presenter very well known in Portugal, doing some filmings for her fashion TV program.

Dress - Bought in a store in Londres; Flats - Zara
I  was very surprised about the way Raquel Strada (that's her name) smiled and said quickly: "yes, sure", when I asked her if I could take some pictures.
I confess I always thought that she was a fun, nice and sweet person - she looks like that everytime I see her on TV - but I wasn't expecting such a warm reception from her side.

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