Sunday, August 26, 2012

Helmet at it's "normal" state
Helmet after the activation of the sensors
I believe that when you saw the first image you went like: "Wow. So beautiful" but right after you saw the next your brain just went: "What?!?!?".
Yes, No?
I'm almost a fashionholic and I always thought that you can add a touch of luxury and beauty to everthing you do or wear.
Until now, ridding a bike left my fashion side divided. I wanted to feel safe but the helmets you see everywhere are a fashion crime.
Ok, I confess that when the sensors activate the helmet is not that fashion, althought it has a futuristic look (Love).
The company - HÖVDING  - sells in Denmark, Norway and Sueden. But there's always the shipping option - only for Europe. All of you outside Europe will have to wait, I believe.

How does it work?
You put the collar around your neck (like the first image). It has an airbag that become active, and visible (as you can see in the second image) everytime you are near of having an accident.

The images were taken from their official website - Here

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  1. I always see beautiful things here, so I visit often.

  2. amaaazing photos!
    Like ur blog, would be happy if we could follow each other :)