Friday, August 17, 2012


The princess finally got what she wanted. The friends from yesterday have, already, their earring's and are more beautiful now.

Because the princess needs to continue her life in the fairytale land, she came to me (someday I'll know how she found me) and said that I must keep doing her work here.

But.... I have a few problems.

First, I'm not a princess at all (in school I used to be a tom girl, never care less about the way I used to look and had more guys for friends than girls. The only thing that was missing was my feet on the futebol field or soccer pitch). correct me if I'm saying it wrong 

Second, I don't believe in fairy tales or else this blog should have by now 200.000 followers.
And Third, I'm not sure about what I want to do in/with this blog (too much honesty?).

The only thing that helps, is the fact that lately I'm starting to pay more attention to fashion but I'm still a girl like the others. I'm no princess, I have no castle, nothing.
I'm more this type of girl. To start this new era, I'll still be talking about fashion but also about my city, Lisbon. With time and the help of my followers (ambition above almost everything) I'll be navigating through this galaxy - who knows maybe discover some new one's - and make this a place everyday more beautiful.

Tomorrow the new era will start with a surprise (someday even I will be sick of suspense).
Hugs for you all - that maybe will be only two people, that got lost on the Internet and ended up here.

But who is this princess?
    Urban fairytale I

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