Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Urban fairytale I

Once upon a time, there was a princess, - very beautiful, the most beautiful girl of the kingdom - and she was lost in the streets of Lisbon, with no direction.

As she was walking, around the Torre the Belém, she suddenly stopped and was held in place by the rhythm of the Rio Tejo's little waves, smashing on the stairs.

It was a windy day and the news ran fast. Every breeze came with a different novelty: a fabulous dress that was in a store for sale, a glass slippers that we're near by (in another shop), and many other things that the princess loved.

She sits on the stairs, she couldn't deal with the velocity of the news. You know, the wind was blowing really hard.

A few minutes later the wind just went quiet but the beautiful girl didn't get up for a long time. She sat there listening to the waves, closed her eyes and thought about all the dreams she wanted to come true.

But right in that second, a breeze went by and told her: "get close to that little Torre de Belém and you're going to see something of your desire".

There they were, the earrings that the princess once dreamed about having.

But because this princess was a real princess and very beautiful, she decided to offer the earrings to someone.

Tomorrow, or maybe not (the suspense that I love), you'll going to see the person who got new earrings.


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