Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vogue Fashion's Night Out

Vogue Fashion's Night Out Lisbon is one of the most expected events in Portugal. And it's almost here.

This global event is sponsored by Vogue (Anna Wintour) and the CFDA.
The first event was in New York, year 2009 and the main goal was to encourage consumers to shop and to support the fashion industry which was going trough a rough time, due to the economy.
In the following year, the event spread worldwide and was present in Australia, Brazil, China, London, Paris, Berlin, Greece, India, Milan, Portugal, Russia, South Korea and Turkey..
This year Lisbon is going to embrace the event on September 13th. And I'm very sad because I won't be able to go.

Just out of curiosity, let me tell you the dates of the event all over the globe:

September 6th:
Australia - Sydney
France - Paris
Germany - Berlin
Italy - Milan
Mexico - Mexico City
Russia - Moscow
Spain - Madrid
South Korea - Seoul
United Kingdom - London

September 7th:
China - Xangai; Beijing; Hong Kong
Germany - Dusseldorf
Russia - Saint Petersbrg

September 8th:

September 10th:
Brazil - São Paulo

September 12th:
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

September 13th:
Italy - Rome
Mexico - Guadalajara
Portugal - Lisbon
Turkey - Istanbul
The Netherlands - Amsterdam

September 18th:
Italy - Fiorenze

September 20th:
Greece - Athens

September 25th:
Greece - Salonika

If I'm forgetting any country/city do tell.

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