Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top - Pinkie; Jeans - Berska; Sun glasses - Multiópticas
Bag - Misako
Bracelets with turquoise beads - H&M; Watch - Primark
Butterfly ring - Was a gift
Sandals - After a smile she said: "can't remember", but I liked the sandals so much that I had to show them to you

The Rua Augusta is one of the main streets in Lisbon and I always felt that "something" happens once you've passed the Arco do Triunfo da Rua Augusta (Rua Augusta's arch).
The people, the shops, the street performances (that sometimes take place here) show a special Lisbon, with stylish people (and strong personalities).
Although she couldn't remember where the sandals came from, she knew very well that they were chosen, as well as the jeans, because of the bright and fun colors. She kept the rest of the outfit simple and discreet because she thinks it reflects her way of being.
I really like when people use the clothes to show who they are instead of using them to show someone that doesn't exist.
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