Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello girls and boys (maybe).

Today starts a new era on the internet! (imagine reading the rest of the text with the theme song of Star Wars on the background, or better yet, push play on this video and carry on the reading).

No one knows what will happen from this day forward, but there are great expectations (at least from this side of the galaxy).

Now you have an easy to find paradise, where you can see all about fashion, beauty, and others things from life.

In this galaxy, which often may look like a black hole, you'll have access to photos, texts and other surprises (I must keep the suspense alive).
Please be beautiful in your suggestions and criticism or else i'll be the one entering, at light speed, that same black hole.

Today i'll be walking in the streets of Lisbon (btw i'm from Portugal) seaching for my guinea pig's, but for now i'm not telling you what i'm going to do to them MUAHAHAHAHAHAH

So stay alert and never forget: hug who you are and show the beauty of being authentic to the rest of the world.

Use fashion to show your personality and not to hide who you really are.

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