Friday, August 17, 2012


The princess thought that maybe would be good to search for the person to give the earring's in another place.

Everyone knows that the girls on the fairy tales love to discover different places to see and things to do.

Snow white decided - yes, because no woman can be forced to do anything, as much as people try to say the opposite - to go live with a bunch of dwarfs in a tiny house. She really wanted to sleep in seven little beds, all together, wash a pile of dishes e have seven men just to herself.

Rapunzel thought that should be interesting let her hair grow like no other girl can ever do, even if she pledged to go "no poo".

The sleeping beauty thought that would be lots of fun go on the wood to dance with a owl, wearing a cape (carried by two birds), and a stylish hat (above the poor squirrel), ahhh and with two bunnies inside the boots.

And then, there's the others, but we'll go there another day.

To be even more different, the princess wanted to offer the earring's to two girls, instead of only one. She found two friends. Which was even better because friendship it's one of the most beautiful things in the world.

In exchange for the earring's, the two friends diced to share there secrets with the princess (the that guy did yesterday)

On the left
Top, Skirt and bag - Zara
Ring - Street fair in Saldanha
Sandals - Vintage (Marrocos, come to Portugal with her mother's feet)
On the right
Top - Stradivarius
Necklace - Hav.Vah
Watch - Tw Steel
Ring - Oros
 Bag -  Parfois
Sandals - Pepe Jeans
But who is this princess?

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