Thursday, August 30, 2012

Breathing without air

Rio do Arado (Arado's river) - Trail until the Cascata do Arado (Arado's waterfall)
Almost at the feet of the waterfall
Here it is
Cascata do Taiti - Rio Ermida (Taiti's waterfall - Ermida's river)
Cascata do Taiti (Taiti's waterfall again)
Cascata do Rio Homem - Mata da Albergaria (waterfall of the river called Homem - which means man)
For me this is one of the most fascinating places in Portugal, the Gerês.
The Parque Nacional da Peneda Gerês (Peneda Gerês National Park) has some of the most fabulous view with amazing waterfalls.
If you go there try to get to know the most you can of the Park and go trough the Mata da Albergaria. It's a wonderful ride.
Although it takes a lot of courage do dive into the freezing water - even in Summer time (like when does photos was taken) - the truth is that's almost impossible not to dive.
The water invites you to do it.
The sound that the water does when it's going down the mountain and the way that it let's you see everything makes you want to be a part of the scene really bad.
It looks as if the water is whispering: "See? I have nothing to hide, everything you see and feel it's real, you just need to dive. Come one".


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